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We do Reconstruction of your shower or walls to get your project done right!  Our strive is not to complete a job just to get it done quickly.  Your Local Backsplash Company takes pride in what we finish and will top of the line!

who we are

professional Central NE Company!

Kearney Flooring is a Family owned business started in Kearney NE. the owners are happy to work with you, and have been perfecting floors for more than 16 years!

If you find yourself in Kearney NE, needing remolding in your kitchen or bathroom, contact Kearney Flooring TODAY!!

We will make your time worth while when you pick, Kearney Flooring for all of your Backsplash Needs!!

Local Backsplash COmpany

We have been a business for three years and couldn’t be thankful for the Support from our community!  Check us out on Facebook, and You Tube to view new Videos when we upload them.  Follow our work and tell your friends and family about the service provided after we complete your job.  

pride in each service

We Complete or Job just as if we had you watching over our Shoulder through the who Construction process.

Head on over to our Services page and take a look at all we provide!  We absolutely love what we get to do for a living, our passion lies in the work we do and it is a bonus that we get to make your dream a reality!

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Floor Construction

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Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Sheet Vinyl

Peel and Stick Vinyl

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Triexta Carpet



Ceramic Tyle

Natural Stone



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