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  • Brick Masonry- Brick is the most popular material for masonry. They are known to be durable, long lasting, and have a classic look that has lasted the test of time. Bricks can come in a wide variety of textures and colors. Due to the unique way that bricks are made, it can be difficult to match color correctly.  Contact your Local Masonry Contractors Today for a free quote! For any questions about brick masonry projects, Martinez Tile LLC has expert masonry contractor in Nebraska for your next brick masonry project.
  • Stone Masonry Stone masonry can be either dressed or undressed. When undressed stone masonry is laid, it has a less clean and irregular pattern but it provides an authentic and natural looks. When dressed stone is laid, it looks much more like a pattern and comes in specific sizes.
  • Concrete Blocks– These blocks are much larger than stone and brick. Because of this, they take less time to lay and are more favorable to many construction sites. They also tend to be more affordable, which is why many public buildings and factories often rely on concrete blocks for masonry work.

Local Masonry Contractor

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