Most carpet fibers are made of synthetic materials or blends of synthetic and natural materials, since synthetic materials are designed to resist stains, static electricity, fading and moisture. Of course, each type of carpet fiber has various pros and cons, even among synthetic options. There are five primary types of carpet fibers says NE Flooring Stores.

Nylon is the most popular carpet fiber, thanks to its strength and durability. It resists fading, mildew, staining and crushing.  

Triexta has a similar appearance to nylon fibers but is significantly softer. It is naturally hydrophobic, so it repels stains and moisture damage well.  

Polyester fibers, like triexta fibers, are hydrophobic and resist stains. Polyester also offers vibrant color options. However, polyester fibers can fade in the sun and are generally known to be less durable than nylon fibers. 

Wool, a traditional and natural fiber, has a soft and luxurious feel. Wool is a strong material that can hold up to heavy foot-traffic and compaction from furniture, but it needs to be cleaned and maintained properly. Many stains as well as the chemicals in stain removers can damage wool carpet. 

Olefin is another durable and colorfast fiber option that is suitable for high traffic areas. Olefin carpet tends to be less expensive than the previous four fibers. 

Tip: Nylon carpet tends to be the most popular for homes with pets thanks to its durability, stain resistance and affordability.  

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There is a difference in the carpet that is needed for your floor.  Your thick soft and fluffy carpet makes for a nice lounge room.  As in the same token, the right type of carpet is needed for porch flooring!  We would like to assist you finding the right flooring for your space so you can have right comfort to every room.